Toning and building muscle, plus burning fat without having to spend long hours at the gym? Sounds too good to be true, but with LipoMax® Sculpt, you can get it all: a flatter, more defined stomach, leaner legs and arms, and shapelier buttocks with no downtime at all. Advanced SkinCare is excited to add LipoMax® Sculpt to its regimen of body-redefining treatments. This groundbreaking therapy is helping women and men of all ages shape and tone their bodies while melting away troublesome fat in targeted areas, like the belly, thighs, legs, arms, and buttocks.

LipoMax® Sculpt is a next-generation body toning technology that is producing amazing results for a wide variety of clients of all ages. Using focused electromagnetic energy pulses, LipoMax® Sculpt induces thousands of contractions in your muscles. The specialized applicators are noninvasive so they are simply placed on the target area and activated. The energy pulses are safe and effective with many patients comparing it to an intense workout. The LipoMax® Sculpt procedure strengthens, tones, sculpts, and firms your muscles while activating the release of epinephrine, which naturally breaks down fat cells. The results are stronger, more toned muscles and reduced fat equaling a slimmer and shapely physique you’re going to love.