Why You Should Get a Full Skin Examination by a Dermatologist

Even though checkups are necessary, no one enjoys going to the doctor. Booking an appointment with your family doctor for your annual checkup is one thing; you can expect to be poked for blood work, but visiting a dermatologist is a completely different story.


It would be best to consider scheduling an appointment with an advanced skin care center as soon as possible. Most times, we find it weird when someone has to look closely at your body, but that few minutes of examination can save you and prolong your lifespan. We are usually the first to notice even the slightest change in our skin before diagnosis.

Will a full-body examination really make a difference? The answer is yes, it will. This is because determining the cause of your skin condition usually requires examination by your dermatologist in an advanced, full-service dermatology office.

Therefore, it is important you adopt this preventive lifestyle that can keep you living a prolonged and healthy life instead of rushing for treatment after an issue.

What is a Full Body Examination?

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A full body examination is a physical exam that a dermatologist does to check for unusual marks that could indicate that your skin’s health is deteriorating. Moles, birthmarks, and other kinds of spots with unusual color, size, shape, or texture could catch the attention of a dermatologist during this examination. After the examination, the dermatologist could advise you to go for advanced treatment options like laser treatments, etc., and offer tips for maintaining skin health.

During the full body examination, several skin conditions, such as hives, acne, rosacea, and psoriasis, can be easily identified. In addition, sun spots, moles, and blemishes can also appear on your skin or change its appearance. Many of these spots, blemishes, or moles could appear on your back, making them difficult to notice most of the time.

This is why visiting an advanced skincare center for a full body examination is important. Seeing a dermatologist regularly can save your life. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in many countries, including the United States, and appears in four types.

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Basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, actinic keratoses, and squamous cell carcinoma are examples of these. The most common types are basal and squamous, while melanoma is the deadliest.

However, early detection through a full body exam and treatment in a cutting-edge skin center ensures a higher cure rate. As a result, a full body examination will reveal any hidden spots or growths that may be a sign of skin cancer or another skin disease.

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Furthermore, this full-body examination is best conducted in an advanced skincare and dermatology center by a well-trained dermatologist. Although some medical practitioners can perform routine skin exams, a doctor may refer you to someone who is well-versed in both medical and cosmetic dermatology.

Dermatologists are very familiar with spots and disorders that can affect the skin, nails, and hair, making them the best option for conducting skin examinations and treatments.

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What Happens During the Skin Examination?

When you visit an advanced skincare and dermatology center, the dermatologist will examine every part of your skin under bright light and use a dermatoscope, which is a magnification tool, to get a better look.

The dermatologist may also inquire about any changes you’ve noticed, how frequently you’ve been exposed to the sun, your family’s medical history, and your skincare routine.

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You may also be asked if you have had any severe sunburns or skin conditions, or if you frequently use tanning beds. These questions will be asked by your dermatologist because certain occupations, such as construction and landscaping, can put some people at a higher risk of skin cancer due to their regular exposure to sunlight.

As a result, your responses to the questions can assist the dermatologist in understanding and assessing your risk of skin disease and cancer.

Why Do You Need to Get a Full Skin Examination?

When it comes to getting a full skin examination by a dermatologist, the benefits are many and diverse. The whole purpose of going to an advanced skincare center is that it gives you and your dermatologist the opportunity to keep tabs on your skin’s changes. It is easier to identify which spots, moles, or other markings on your skin require further investigation.

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People with a family history of skin cancer have daily and prolonged exposure to the sun, and organ recipients and people with low immune systems are at higher risk of skin cancer. However, almost all types of skin cancer are treatable if detected early.

This is why you need to visit your dermatologist for a full body examination because early detection is the key to beating skin cancer in this case. When you detect the problem and the cause, you have the best chance of solving it.

A full skin examination is the best way to identify any cancerous spots or markings on your skin, and you can opt for the treatment as quickly as possible. If your cancer is detected early, before it has a chance to spread, you should have no trouble treating it and saving your life. This is a good reason to get a full skin examination by a dermatologist.

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The examination focuses on locating any potentially problematic spots, moles, or markings on your skin. After identifying the spots or moles, your dermatologist will take a few steps to determine whether they need to be removed. You should not be afraid because the full skin examination usually takes about 10–20 minutes.

Let a Dermatologist Examine Your Skin Today

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There is a good chance that the markings or spots on your back are nothing. However, there is always a 10% possibility that it is something. This is why you should not take it for granted and see a dermatologist as quickly as possible. A dermatologist can notice things about you that you wouldn’t think of yourself.

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